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UGA scores Texas receiver

Temple (Texas) wide receiver Davion Curtis recently narrowed his list to a top three of Oregon State, Kansas State, and Georgia, and on Monday he decided he was ready to make his announcement.
The 6-foot, 180-pound standout announced his college plans at 3:24 p.m. on the David Smoak Show on ESPN Central Texas.
"My decision is to go to Georgia," Curtis said. "I really like Georgia because the coaches are very down to earth. They know what they are talking about. They always send wide receivers to the league. They have a great pro-style offense that I like that I see myself fitting into. I really like the wide receivers coach a lot. Coach B-Mac (Bryan McClendon) he talks with me about being a better person more than just about football. I really like that about the coaches. I'm really psyched about it."
He had an idea Georgia would be he selection well before he announced his choice, but he did have to convince a few people close to the process.
"It was a couple of weeks ago," Curtis said. "I had a talk with my parents. My mom was very skeptical about it because she didn't want me to leave. She felt like I didn't have any family down there, but then she realized my cousins were only about three hours away so she was pretty excited about it. She doesn't want anything to happen to her baby. But now they're pretty excited about it. My dad is pretty excited about it because it's the SEC and that's like the best conference in college right now. He really likes it. He's very excited about it. I'm very excited about it."
Another key to helping sway his parents was coach McClendon.
"They really love coach B-Mac right now," Curtis said. "Out of all the coaches I talk to he's my favorite coach right now. He's very genuine and very real. He tells it like it is and he does not sugar coat it. He just wants me to become better as a person. He talks about academics and school and how I need to stay on top of my grades and that's what my mom always talks to me about. Don't slack because you're in football because you might now have football forever. What is your plan B? We always talk about that."
The Bulldog coaching staff knew his choice before he released it and Curtis was welcomed with open arms.
"Coach B-Mac was very excited because he doesn't really recruit Texas so when he got the chance to recruit me he told he really wanted to coach me and wanted me to become a better player and a better man," Curtis said. "When I told him I was going to commit to him he was very excited about it. He said he knows I made the right decision. He said to keep pushing and get better for my senior season. He was really excited about it."
Curtis plans to visit Georgia sometime in September and he currently plans to check out a few of his other options. However, he knows Georgia is the place for him.
In addition to announcing his decision on the radio, Curtis also made his announcement in front of a special group of people. During the summer he works at the Ralph Wilson Youth Center, and it was important for Curtis the youth in the programs be there to see him take his steps towards college.
"I grew up at Ralph Wilson Youth Club," Curtis said. "They're like 10 or 11, so they don't know what sports they're going to get into. I was playing everything at that time. We had a lot of guys who I really looked up to at that time and they always told me to stay focused and stay in the classroom and work hard in sports all the time. I just want to give back because I feel like they helped me out a lot so why couldn't I help them out. I feel like a lot of kids can look up to me now because I'm a guy from a small town and if I can make it happen they can make it happen too if they just put the work in. I'm pretty excited about that."