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UGA leads but visits key to Langley

With cornerback Brendan Langley of Marietta (Ga.) Kell set to make a handful of visits this summer, Georgia currently holds the top spot among his leaders, followed by Tennessee and Alabama.
"Georgia is first because of the team camaraderie up there," Langley told Rivals.com. "It feels like family there, like home."
The question is this: Could Langley's upcoming trips shake things up before his planned commitment date of Aug. 25?
"Those are just the places I've been to that I really like so far," Langley said. "But I've only been to like five places. Once I get to like seven, eight or nine this summer, that's when I'll probably feel comfortable making my decision. If I knew where I wanted to go, I would have committed already. I'm keeping an open mind with everything. The more visits to schools out of my top three I can take, the more of a feel I can get for everyone else. They're going to be very big."
First up on Langley's summer tour is Alabama, which he will visit June 3. After that, he will hit Tennessee on June 9 and both UCLA and USC on June 22, he said.
Langley also would like to check out a few other colleges.
"Sometime in July, I'm not sure the date yet, I'm going to Florida" Langley said. "I also want to get to Clemson and Florida State."
The front-running Bulldogs will get a visit, too.
"I'll be camping there sometime in July," Langley said. "I just don't know when yet."
At this stage, Langley holds more than a dozen offers, including 11 from Southeastern Conference programs.
"I think a couple more might come around," Langley said. "I don't have any idea from who, but I'd like it to be Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Texas and Virginia Tech."
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