Udell showing his stuff two ways

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Put him at safety, corner, or anywhere on the field and Rivals250 four-star cornerback Marcus Udell is ready to make a big play. Usually thought of as a future safety prospect, the No. 23 rated player in Florida will line up at cornerback for Saturday's Air 7 CaliFlorida Bowl.
Udell, listed as the No. 17 cornerback in the country, isn't picky about where he plays. In fact, he looks forward to the challenge of both positions in the future wherever he chooses to head to for college.
"They've moved me around quite a bit, they were short of safeties so I played a lot of that, but they said come game time I'll be at corner," Udell said. "I mean I prefer corner, but I can play both and I think I can do both well. Georgia is thinking about both and Florida is a school that wants me strictly at corner."

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His recruitment has been in the back of his mind even though he is enjoying his time in California playing in the annual all-star game. After visiting North Carolina State and Maryland, three more visits were originally scheduled to Ohio State, Clemson, and Florida.
Things are changing with his trips.
"I was supposed to go to Ohio State next weekend, but I may not be able to make it," Udell said. "Actually, I may try to visit Alabama, Florida, and possibly Georgia again. I've been to Georgia twice on unofficial visits, so I don't know. These trips are coming up so I've got to get it all figured out soon."
As for a leader, one team has finally emerged out in front.
"I'd say Florida has the lead, but like I've always said, I'm looking at all the schools and comparing each one," Udell said. "I'm going to take all the visits, talk to the players, teams, coaches, look at their depth charts, and find out their defensive schemes."
"I just want to find out where I fit in best. My decision will probably be after my last visit."