UCLA lands another

In a day where UCLA may have landed seven recruits maybe the least known is Johnathan Franklin (5-10, 181, 4.40) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey will be joining his high school teammate [/db]Rahim Moore[/db] at UCLA as both players committed to Karl Dorrell and the Bruins today.
"I'm going crazy," Franklin said. "I made it. I'll be the first from my family to go to college.
"I feel this is an open door for other black young men to go to college out the neighborhood I came from," Franklin said. "It shows that our community can make it even if you come from a single parent household.

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"If you work hard and are committed and dedicated to your goals you can make it happen," Franklin said. "A positive attitude will take you far in life.
One of the reasons that Franklin was somewhat under covered was that he was hurt his junior season. Even though he was hurt, Washington was on the verge of offering the talented two-way player from Dorsey.
Franklin has the inner fire that you love in an athlete. He wants to make to make up for lost time that he suffered his junior season.
"I'm going to make up my senior season what I missed as a junior because of my injury," Franklin said. "I'm going to go out. I want to show the entire country who I am and what I am as a football player.
"When I do it won't matter who recruits me," Franklin said. "My eyes are already set on UCLA.
"It's going to be amazing to play with Rahim Moore is college," Franklin said. "He is like my brother. Rahim is there when I'm going through my ups and my downs.
"When we get to UCLA other colleges better watch out."