UCLA commit to visit Stanford

Four-star quarterback Brett Nottingham (6-4, 210) from Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista fresh off his visit to the school he is committed to UCLA, will take a trip to Stanford this coming weekend. Nottingham took the time to explain his intentions.
"There are a couple different reasons why I am taking the trip to Stanford," Nottingham said. "First I just want to mention that I still consider myself a very solid recruit to UCLA, but I have some visits, we're allowed so many visits.
"One train of thought is I might as well use a couple of them," Nottingham said. "And also my parents really like Stanford and a lot of the coaches at Stanford have been good to me in the past and I kind of want to just check Stanford out a little bit.

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"I'm probably not going to be there (Stanford) the entire time, but just being able to check out the academic part of the campus and stuff," Nottingham said. "I have a couple ex-teammates on the team so I just thought it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to take a trip there.
"I'm still a solid UCLA commit," Nottingham said. "But the coaches at Stanford have been still recruiting me, but like I said, I'm a solid UCLA commit."
"I think that Stanford is the only visit I'm taking besides the one I already took to UCLA," Nottingham said. "After this one to Stanford, I'm planning that this is the last one definitely.
"I had a great time at UCLA," Nottingham said his official visit to the Westwood campus. "There were some fabulous recruits there and we had a ball.
"Jordan Zumwalt, was one of them," Nottingham said. "We got to hang out a lot during the weekend and just staying in the same hotel and getting bus rides everywhere and just hanging out.
"Jordan is a great guy as well as a talented athlete," Nottingham said. "We swapped numbers and had good time together.
"My parents and I all had a great time at UCLA," Nottingham said. "The coaches did a great job, taking us place to place showing us all the different aspects of the university, but it wasn't all business.
"We went out at night and had great dinners," Nottingham said. "As a group, we had some fun together and we got to spend a lot of time with our player hosts and they took us to a couple of places. My host was Jeff Baca."
You can't blame Stanford for wanting to get into the Nottingham sweepstakes when consider the kind of season the talented signal caller had as a senior. Nottingham threw for 3,960 yards, 45 touchdown passes, four rushing touchdowns and only seven interceptions while hitting on 71 percent of his pass attempts.
Even though it has now been announced that Norm Chow will be back as offensive coordinator, the following were his thoughts as of last night before it became known that he would indeed be UCLA's offensive coordinator.
"I've been hearing a lot of stuff that he (Chow) was going to leave, but I'm not 100 percent sure," Nottingham said. "I had talked to Coach Rick Neuheisel and he still has optimism that Coach Chow is staying around, but one thing is for sure, Coach Chow is a really talented offensive coordinator and it would be kind of a shame to lose him, however I have a lot of faith in Coach Neuheisel and I know he's going to have a great staff, regardless of whose where and stuff.
"It wouldn't be the biggest deal, but it will be somewhat of a loss," Nottingham said. "He has done some of the recruiting for me on a weekly basis so I would be kind of sad , but in the end I still have a lot of confidence in Coach Neuheisel and what he has been doing and he's going to do.