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U.S. Army Bowl Chat: DeAndre Brown

SAN ANTONIO - Five-star wide receiver Deandre Brown stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Tuesday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
With a skill set like yours you cant be worried about the depth chart at any school, what are the factors that are playing into your decision?
- tehmidget
DeAndre Brown - Starting off, where they are with receivers (depth chart). Just some where I can play early, where I can bond with my teammates and feel like I'm at home.
It has been discussed on the blogs that you have already made up your mind where you are going. Will you be visiting Miami before you commit?
- SMU88
Brown - I'm currently still talking to Miami, but I'm still not sure if I'll visit.
I'm still undecided and will be taking visits.
Q: What is the best and worst part about the recruiting process for you?
Q: Does the tradition and stature of the school, or does the offensive system play a more important role for you when deciding where to commit?
- ronerich
Brown - Best part is how they suck up to you, kiss your butt. I would have to say the worst part is all of the phone calls and trying to narrow it down to the school that is best for me.
Are you still looking at LSU? What do you feel are the biggest differences (good or bad) between us and Ole Miss?
Best of luck to you wherever you decide to go!
- SugarLandTiger75
Brown - Yes. LSU is still heavily recruiting me.
Are depth charts at both schools going to play a role in your decision??
Can you breakdown the coaching staffs at both OM and LSU?? Who do you like the best??
- TL3
Brown - I haven't been really talking to Ole Miss staff. I'm currently trying to get to know them better.
LSU- I've been close with their coaching staff since I was a freshman because they recruited one of my teammates Richard Dixon.
What interests you about Texas Tech and how much interest in them do you have?
Also do you have any official visits scheduled?
- TechFan88
Brown - We're currently talking to the staff about an official visit. I like the offense how they spread the ball and the receivers get a lot of catches and reps.
How much do coaches emphasis the prospect of playing with certain players at their school or that you remind them of certain great players that they have coached?
- WallyC
Brown - Not really too much. A lot of them have been saying that they haven't coached a receiver like me because of my size and athletic ability.
I know there was an article saying Miami started pushing hard for you lately. Whether you go there or not, it be cool to hear a recruits take on the program and on Randy Shannon as a HC. Does the fact they were 5-7 go into your head as a recruit or do you think coaches will turn it around?
- JoeyJr09
Brown - The team record doesn't have an effect on me.
We've been talking a little bit, maybe once a week or more. Right now they are just keeping it fair.
How good is Tig Barksdale and do you see him playing RB or Safety at Ole Miss?
- domereb
Brown - Tig is a great athlete. He can excel on offense and defense and I can see him at running back in college. His love for the game is more at RB than safety.
Q: Who's the best player that you have played against so far?
Q: Who's the best player that you have played with so far?
- coast_reb
Brown - My freshman year against Derek Peguez.
I couldn't really answer that because I've been playing with great players for the last month and a half.
You have the opportunity and skill set to be an impact player for any school you choose to attend. If only given one area to focus on to improve your game which area would garner the most attention? (Example: Reading Defenses, speed training, strength training,catching the ball, route running etc...)
- Caution2
Brown - I would have to say just repetition, to be able to run consistent routes and catch the ball consistently, just being an all-around player.
You have represented your state so well during your high school days. It had to be a great experience playing in the Alabama/Mississippi All Star game. Being the first team to win did that make you guys think,"Hey if we stay together in college we could really do something special?"
- benpatter
Brown - We all talked about it staying in state and playing together and what impact we could make together, but that was really it.
Which is more important to you? Going to a program where you can be an immediate difference maker or going to a program where the potential for success may ultimately be higher.
- REBS1 03
Brown - I would have to say a program where I would have immediate success.
1) Are you looking for a school that has sent a lot of wide receivers to the NFL?
2) Do you want to go to a championship caliber team that has talent so that the defense cannot key on you?
- LSU4Lyfe
Brown - I wouldn't say I'm looking at schools based on how many wide receivers they put in the NFL.
Are you still thinking of deciding on the 7th or will you push it back? Also, once you decide is it 100% solid or will you take visits?
- athigpe
Brown - I think I'll be ready by the 7th.
1. Where do you get your freak genetics from? Do you have some great athletes in your family?
2. How are your grades?
- PrincessKit
Brown - My mother was track star and my dad was an All-American basketball player.
Was it fun in High School lining up against CB's who were 5'9 and 5'10 and running your routes like nobody was covering you? Just looking straight and realizing that their helmets came up to your chin must have brought a smile to your face.
- Scout88
Brown - I would have to say it was fun. A lot of the DBs I played against were underrated and they helped me to go hard and go 100 percent every play no matter who you were going against.
What intrigues you the most about Ole Miss?
Also, what is your opinion on the new coaching staff at Ole Miss, especially the new offensive coordinator, David Lee?
- Rebel Man
Brown - I think the people around the community and being an in-state school. They show you a lot of support. That's something that fits well with me.
I don't know too much about the offensive coordinator, but the new coaching staff is pretty fair with me and I'm getting to know them a lot better and hopefully it will keep going well.
Do you have a idea of what you would like to major in? and will that effect your decesion a lot?
- Chris2109c
Brown - I'm going to major in sports communication and I wouldn't say it has a big effect on my decision.
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