U.S. Army All-America Bowl Diary

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is a great
opportunity for the top players in the nation to gather, and The
Rivals100.com Network is proud to give you an inside look at what's going on

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in San Antonio. Your tour guides are East linemen Heath Benedict and Kwakou
Rivals100: Talk about what it's like to be
in San Antonio for the All-America Bowl. How have the practices been so far?
Heath (in orange because
he's heading to Tennessee): It's been
intense. We're not like those West guys that are just hanging out and not
practicing hard. We're going full-bore hitting each other.
Kwakou (in blue
because he's heading to Virginia): It was getting ugly out there in
practice. We're ripping each other's heads off. We're ready for the other guys
right now.
Rivals100: Who's been the best looking guys
that you've seen in practices? Who passes the eyeball test?
Heath: I
mean for the most part everyone here looks like a player. There are a few
exceptions, but everybody is big and fast.
Rivals100: Who would be your two guys - one
on defense and one on offense - that you would want to be on your team no matter
Kwakou: That
DE from Massachusetts is a freak. But I'll take (Gerald) Riggs and (Ahmad)
Brooks. They're tight.
Heath: Give
me Rob Smith and Jim Unis (the freak from Massachusetts). Unis has been tearing
it up, and man I can't wait to play with Smith at Tennessee.
Rivals100: Rob's there in the room
with you, right, Heath?
Heath: No,
he's not. But he's been looking great out there. He's a hard worker.
Rivals100: Who's the team clown?
Kwakou: Buster.
He's always clowning.
Heath: Buster
Davis no doubt. You should have heard his comedy routine the other night. He was
cutting us all up. He is so funny.
Rivals100: Where's Buster going to end up
Heath: He
told us that he's already committed to Ohio State.
Rivals100: Last year there were a bunch of
guys that helped get the other guys to go to LSU with them. Are you all going to
recruit for your teams?
Kwakou: We
already are. Kai, Brooks and Stovall are going to UVA - oh yeah.
Heath: We're
all working on it. Everybody is talking big about their team. It's funny hearing
all of the different stories. You'd like some of the stories that we've heard
about what goes on at some of the visits, but I don't think you'd like to print
Kwakou: Yeah
man, there are some good ones going around.
Rivals100: We'll check back with you guys
today at the media day, but offer up a prediction for the game on Saturday.
Kwakou: It's
war. It's time to represent.