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U.S. Army AA Bowl Chat: William Green

SAN ANTONIO - Four-star linebacker William Green stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Tuesday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Would you prefer to play with your hand down or in a linebacker position on the next level?
- audrew
William Green - I'd prefer a hand down, most schools are recruiting me as a defensive end.
How are your grades in school & what will be your major in college?
Green - I'm carrying about a 3.0 and a 19 on the ACT, I'm going to major in something like exercise science.
What weight range are you trying to get to for college?
- chasebobbyjake
Green - Get there at around 220 and hopefully get to around 230 while I'm there.
What do you look for in a school?
- bamabraves25
Green - Just somewhere I can be successful on and off the field and somewhere I can be comfortable with the people around me.
Who is the best OL you have faced during your playing time either in high school games, all-star games or all-star practices?
By the way, best of luck to you in your college career.
- cjbama
Green - Mike Adams. I know some guys as big as him but he moves great for his size.
When choosing your college destination, what do you look for most?
- bwark
Green - I probably look at the type of people that are there, as far as personalities.
1) Is there a current or former college player you try to pattern your game after?
2) Since Alabama is a hotbed of high school talent, it is hard to go unoticed - however, who is the best football player that you faced in high school that is not well-known?
- Alpharetta Gator
Green - 1) Jarvis Moss.
What are you planning on majoring in while in college? What do you like about FSU? What are there chances?
- seabass4592
Green - 355.
I'm not really looking at FSU, I was, but for some reason they kind of fell off of me.
Why is Alabama seemingly out of the running for your services?
- ladonna4bama
Green - They are not, it's just that they have had very little contact. And they were contacting other players more than me and I felt like they didn't want me as much. But Alabama isn't out of the running by any means.
How would it feel to play LB for Alabama where guys like Thomas, Bennett, Jordan, Ryans and such has lined up?
- jayalanbama7
Green - I'm a defensive end that can play linebacker a little bit but not for a whole game. If I do go to Alabama my hand will be on the ground the majority of the time.
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