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U.S. Army AA Bowl Chat: Sam McGuffie

SAN ANTONIO - Four-star running back Sam McGuffie stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Tuesday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Sam, what factored into your decision to not ever really look into Texas and approach them as a possible destination?
Also, when did you start playing football and how long have you done specialized speed/agility/quickness training (Fast Twitch, Velocity, personal trainer),if ever? Thanks and good luck at UM.
- 13T-Xbadboy
Sam McGuffie - Texas has lots of good running backs and a great program. They never offered me at running back. It just never worked out.
Third grade I started playing football. After football or before football season I'll do all kinds of bleachers and speed drills.
What stadium are you most looking forward to playing in besides The Big House?
Also, how much did you waver, if at all, in your committment to Michigan after Lloyd Carr decided to leave?
- alexr5111
McGuffie - Ohio State's. It the biggest rivalry game.
A little bit. It was mainly because I thought Coach Jackson was going to leave. But now I know he's staying and as long as he stays, I'm there.
Sam, I know you have stated it before, but is there any chance you will not be headed to Michigan next year?
- denver187
McGuffie - No because that's where I need to be. It's the best opportunity.
Growing up, did you ever think you would choose a college outside of the state of Texas?
- verbalduck
McGuffie - I didn't know where I was going to end up. It could have been Florida to Alaska.
As one of the most talked about recruits in the nation, you get a lot of attention, both positive and negative. How do you handle that and did you laugh at the McGuffie parody video (McGuffie!) on YouTube?
- StinkyP1nky
McGuffie - There's going to be a lot of haters and some people that don't know Sam McGuffie. They're going to think what they want, but until they really know me as a friend or a teammate.... You just don't know someone until you hang around them everyday and get to know their true colors. People can think what they want and I'm fine with that. It doesn't change me either way.
We saw Noel Devine make an impact as a freshman at West Virginia, do you have expectations for similar results next year under rich rod?
- umnyc
McGuffie - Noel Devine has his own style and is one of a kind type of player. He has super quickness and great vision. I'm not saying I am Noel Devine, but I've seen what he can do and hopefully I'll have the chance to fill that same role.
How do you feel about the possiblity of playing with Terrelle Pryor?
Are you recruiting any players out there? Nick Perry, Brandon Smith, Pryor, have you been talking to Boubacar?
McGuffie - I love Terrelle. Who wouldn't want the No. 1 player in the nation to play with them and have the opportunity to be in the same backfield.
I talk to all of them. They're all great guys and I want them all to come ot Michigan.
What is your max bench press?
Also, is it true that you had gymnastics training when you were younger? If so, do you feel that it has helped you with football?
- edogg1982
McGuffie - 355.
I did that when I was about eight years old. I always saw this gymnastics place over by my house and they'd always see me come by so they told me I could practice with them. I told them I didn't have any money, but they just let me stay and be on the team. Of course it has helped because you use all your muscles and have to learn how to move your body with finesse.
Sam, what kind of RB do you want to be in college? Do you want to carry the rock 20-25 times a game or do you want to be more of a All-Purpose RB-lining up in the slot sometimes. Also, what is the ideal playing weight for you in college?
- ptrain37
McGuffie - I want to go to Michigan and just provide a role however the coach wants to use me. Being a freshman going into college, who doesn't want the ball a lot whether it be in the slot or running back position.
1. We all know about your speed and hops, but can you truck somebody when the opportunity arises?
2. How excited are you to be able to use your abilities in Coach Rodriguez's offense? It seems to fit you perfectly.
- PrincessKit
McGuffie - Of course, I'm a running back. You can act like you are going right or left and go straight through them instead.
I'm excited, of course. I have seen what Steve Slaton and Noel Devine have done in that offense.
Looking forward to seeing you get the ball in space from Ryan Mallett in the future. Have you been talking to him about that happening in the future?
- marinwolve
McGuffie - I talk to Ryan all the time and we always joke about the opportunity to play with each other because we are both from Texas and we have similar personalities, but he's more wild.
Sam, why did you decide so early on Michigan and not look/visit into other schools? and was Michigan your favorite since day 1?
- Miamicanes231
McGuffie - I went through the recruiting process and picked the school that was best for me. It's not like when I got the offer I committed on the spot.
Hi Sam, do you watch the videos of you on youtube?
- bman25
McGuffie - No, I hate it. Me and a buddy of mine were at his computer because I told him to make a highlight tape for me from some tapes coach gave me. He brought me into the room and said 'Hey, I made your highlight tape,' and that was that. He put it on the Internet from there. I don't know whether I should thank him or not be his friend anymore.
Who is your favorite rapper?
- DCBama
McGuffie - Lil' Wayne.
What players at All American game are standing to you?
Living and playing football in the Houston area you don't get many cold games. Are you looking forward to playing football up north in the snow?
- zcw21
McGuffie - The quarterbacks, all of them. Matt Kalil. Someone else I'm impressed with is Michael Mauti. He's quick to the ball.
Thank you for your questions. It was a pleasure.
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