U.S. Army AA Bowl Chat: Lynn Katoa

SAN ANTONIO - Four-star linebacker Lynn Katoa stopped by for a chat with users in the recruiting message board Thursay afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Lynn, You grew up in Euless, TX right? Do you know any of the current players from Euless Trinity, the Texas Big School 5A champion? I got a chance to see them play a couple of times this year and they had some really good players. How would you compare Texas High School football to Utah High School football? Oh, can you do the Haka dance?
- zcw21
Lynn Katoa - Texas is obviously superior, the whole game. Of course Utah has its athletes, but Texas has been there for so long. The competition level is somewhat similar but the atmosphere, the whole school and community atmosphere and involvement is different.
Are you soild to CU?
- 1mac$
Katoa - Yeah I am solid. I just believe in the coaching and feel confident in my decision.
Hi Lynn, what are the key factors that you chose to be a Buff?
- AlwaysBuff
Katoa - The head coach, coach Hawkins. He has a good philosophy for the program. I built a great realtionship with him and coach Cabral. He never had the type of players that colleges were going after, but made them great linebackers.
I really feel comfortable at CU. Of course there were a lot of programs out there. They are all great schools and just came down to where I felt comfortable and there wasn't anything wrong with those schools just where I felt most comfortable.
Have you talked with Bryce and Darrell a lot?
- AlwaysBuff
Katoa - I talked to Darrell, just got to know him a little bit and Bryce Givens. They are two really great guys and great players. They have a good head on their shoulders.
Is one of your goals for next season to become a starter before the season's end?
- pwbuffan
Katoa - Yeah, that's one of my goals. I know nothing is given for free. I have to work hard for a spot. That's my main goal to make the defense better.
Lynn, How do plan on using your enrollment next week to your advantage come next season?
- Ralphieburger
Katoa - I just want to use it, to get a head start in school and get adjusted to the college life because it's going to be different, how things work, time management and get a head start on football, training and learning the defense faster.
Who has impressed you at the AAA.
- Hokiesnatsboys
Katoa - Our three running backs, Sam McGuffie, Darrell Scott and Justin Johnson, they impressed me a lot and made my game better and olinemen across the board better. They've just made me a better player every time we go against each other.
What are you most interested in learning from Coach Cabral, and what about you will most surprise your new LB coach?
- buffalo52565
Katoa - He has a lot of things to offer me, teaching me responsibility and accountability; things that will make me a man and make me a better person. If I handle the little things, everything else will fall into place.
One thing that I'll surprise him with is no matter where I'm at in my game, I'll want to learn more.
Is the staff at CU recruiting you as an ILB or an OLB?
I'll hang up and listen.
- Dr. CUSinger
Katoa - Outside linebacker
Hi Lynn, first off wanted to congratulate you on a fine senior season. What role did Jordon Dizon play in your decision to come to Colorado?
Katoa - I just look at how far he came starting as a freshman and told me his experience and how much he learned from Coach Cabral and it impressed me a lot. That showed me one of coach Cabral's examples of not only showing me how to be a student athlete, but a better man and I just want to be like that.
We've heard that you have only played football for a couple of years now, and yet you're still considered one of the best LBs this recruiting cycle. What would you say are your strengths playing the game at this stage of your development and in what areas do you need to improve further as a player?
- ATLBuff2
Katoa - My strength is running down hill and sideline to sideline.
I need to improve my pass coverage and probably just my technique.
Lynn-Did the success of Jordan Dizon factor into your decision?
- mauibuff
Katoa - No, it really didn't, I just looked at his success that he was a great player and made CU better, but it never played a factor in it. My decision was just personal.
Under Coach Cabral CU has formed a great tradition of college and NFL LBs, including two Butkus Award winners in Alfred Williams and Matt Russell. It is arguable that there should have been more including Jordan Dizon this year. Talk about what it means to be a part of that and your feelings about coming in with Jon Major.
- 2Buff2Strong
Katoa - I know there was linebacker tradition and it feels good and I was really impressed. I just want to carry that on.
On Major: We're two great players and we're there to make the program better and everyone around us better including ourselves.
How much weight do you see yourself putting on by next fall, if any? Are you looking to be in the 235 lb range at some point? Thanks
- bjshawklove
Katoa - I really just want to play 215-220. I don't believe a lot of weight will make you better. It's all about speed and technique. I don't think adding weight will make you a better athlete.
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