U.S. Army AA Bowl Chat: Josh Jenkins

SAN ANTONIO - Four-star offensive lineman Josh Jenkins stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Thursay afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
What do you think of WVU's choice for head coach (Bill Stewart)?
What's it like playing on the O-Line with some of the best players (Mike Adams) in the country?

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- TannerNole
Josh Jenkins - I thought it was a great choice because I think he is a West Virginia born guy and he cares a lot about West Virginia and the West Virginia recruits. I thought it was a very positive choice for West Virginia.
Will you take all your visits before making a decision?
What are the pluses and minuses for the schools on your final list (OSU, WVU, PITT, FSU)?
- pittengineer75
Jenkins - Yes.
OSU the positive are that it is close to home and the prestige of the caoches and the program. If you go there the chances you'll go to the League are very high. The negatives for Ohio State would be they already have three of the top four offensive lineman in the country committed.
West Virginia is in-state, it's close to my home. If I go there I would be known throughout the state, I wouldn't just be another kid. The negatives are they don't put very many offensive linemen int he league.
Pitt is not that far from home, only three hours. They have a prety good program on the rise because they are pretty young.
FSU postives are the coaching staff is amazing. They have great coaches down there. Coach Trickett is a great offensive line coach and he knows how to get the most out of every offensive lineman. The negatives are it is so far away.
What factors are you looking for when choosing a school?
- punxsypanther
Jenkins - A comfort level - I have to be comfortable wherever I go - and a family type atmosphere.
Hey Josh big fan, what guys out there have you gotten to enjoy playing with? Who's surprised or impressed you this week?
Jenkins - I enjoy playing with all the offensive lineman on the East team and Mike Adams especially. It's fun playing against great defensive lineman like DeAngelo Tyson and Marcus Forston. It's also good knowing when you are getting out of your stance that you have good running backs and quarterbacks behind you like Star Jackson.
Everyone has suprised me. Everyone is so good down here. There's not one person who is bad down here.
Hey Josh, how much does early playing time factor into your decision??
- ChoctawNole05
Jenkins - It means a lot because no high school kid wants to go to college and sit on the bench for two years. Playing time is pretty important.
How much of a factor does the head coach being at the school you choose for your entire career?
- huston81
Jenkins - It means a lot because if there is a coaching change at a school your position coach could change. I want stability wherever I choose.
Who do you think will win the NC game, OSU or LSU????
- TannerNole
Jenkins - THE Ohio State University.
Did you watch WVU vs Oklahoma last night? What did you think of the performance?
- SlimJimBuck
Jenkins - I watched the whole game. I thought it was a great performance. I was very impressed because of how the offensive line played and I felt Pat White and the rest of the skill position people played out of their minds. I thought Coach Stewart did a great job of preparing them for the game.
How important is it to you to have an established relationship with your position coach? Can you tell me your thoughts on Rick Trickett and the relationship you have with him?
- nolemanb
Jenkins - It's very important that you have a good relationship with your position coach because that's who you spend most of your time with and who decides how much playing time you get. My thoughts on Rick Trickett are he's a great guy, he tells you exactly what he thinks about you or the rest of his players and I think he needs some offensive linemen down at Florida State.
When will you commit? How has practice been going for you? Is is fun playing with the guys from OSU?
- Woodrow2
Jenkins - After I take my visits to Florida State, West Virginia and Pitt most likely - close to Signing Day.
Thanks for the questions. Watch the game on Saturday.
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