U.S. Army AA Bowl Chat: Gerell Robinson

SAN ANTONIO - Four-star athlete Gerell Robinson stopped by for a chat with users in the recruiting message board Tuesday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Gerell, what position do you feel most comfortable at on the football field?
- newenglandndfan
Gerell Robinson - "I feel best at wide receiver, even though I've been playing safety this week but nothing is too tough for me."
Gerell, who has impressed you most at practices so far?
- alexr5111
Robinson - Everybody has been impressive, everyone is a good athlete. I'd say the running backs, Sam and how quick he is. Marcus and how quick he is. Darrell has a lot of open field speed and he knows how to turn it on and off.
Gerell, how does it feel to be back in San Antonio? Did you ever have any interest in playing your college ball in Texas?
- BKhorn89
Robinson - It feels nice, I grew up with Devin and Marcus so it's weird for all of us to be here. I did, I've always liked Texas, but they just never contacted me. I think had I stayed in Texas I'd be going to Texas.
1. Can you tell us what's your favorite thing about your top 3 schools are?
2. How big is Depth Chart in your decision?
3. I know you've said you are concerned with Oregon's QB situation next year. Does the commitment of 4* QB Darron Thomas and the emergence of red-shirt freshmen Justin Roper yesterday in the Sun Bowl put some ease to that concern at all?
4. What visit has been your favorite so far and why?c
- Baciami21
Robinson - 1. Notre Dame - The recruiting class they are in, they have a lot of good guys who are friends.
Oregon - A good environment and their coaches and players are cool.
Arizona State - It's a hometown school and I could be a big fish in a small pond.
2. It's really big, I'm not afraid to compete for anything, but it would be stupid for me to get into a thing where a bunch of guys are in front of me.
3. Yes, and no. It does but I mean I can't speak on Darron Thomas I don't know anything about him. Justin Roper seemed like he did a pretty good job. He didn't seem like he fit the mold of Dennis Dixon.
4. They have all been good, they all have their pluses and their minuses.
What subjects do you want to study in college?
What majors do you see yourself pursuing?
Besides football, what do you want from your universiy community?
- souduck
Robinson - Something that has to do with business, sports marketing or just business in general. Someone who is high ranking and gets paid a lot.
Business, or even law. Been told I'd be a good lawyer.
Just to feel at home, just to feel comfortable that I'll be there for the next 4-5 years.
While it's been obvious in following you that you want to play wide receiver at the next level, many analysts are saying you've got NFL potential at the safety position (updates suggest you've been the best safety prospect at the Army Bowl) and could even grow into an outside linebacker type once you get into a college strength and conditioning program.
What is your take on what the analysts think in regards to you growing out of the wideout position? If you do continue to grow, will you embrace a switch over to the defensive side of the ball?
- BodaBoda
Robinson - Safety, I haven't played safety since my junior year and at that time I did pretty good. I was all-state and had 8 picks in 10 games. Took a year off to be quarterback and receiver and that's been my main focus. This whole week I've been working hard, and day by day I see great improvements in performance.
If I had to play safety, I'd have no problem. I'd have no problem embracing it.
Question about the recruiting process in general.
Do you read message boards and would they ever impact your decision on which school you choose?
- jkamody
Robinson - I check it from time to time, but it's not for me it's for other people and see how other people are doing. My mom always told me if everybody likes you there is a problem.
Are your parents pushing for you to go to a certain school, and does that play a major factor in your decision.
- sweetjohnson
Robinson - Somewhat and yes, and no it doesn't have a major role in my decision.
You have been a regular visitor to ASU practices and games this season. You also admitted that you weren't considering ASU as a destination very seriously early on. Can you tell us what you saw this season from the ASU program that changed your opinion of the program.
- Stewbacca
Robinson - They changed from last year, it's a better team, solid group. That will change over time, hopefully they will become that powerhouse they want to be.
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