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Tyron Smith dominates NIKE Camp again

Although we no longer name an overall NIKE Camp MVP, there was no question who the top player at today's NIKE event at USC was. Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde offensive lineman Tyron Smith had an incredible day and solidified his standing as one of the nation's top football prospects.
Over the next few days, you're going to hear a lot of buzz about how impressive Smith was during the NIKE camp but it's all justified. Simply put, if there is a more impressive offensive lineman anywhere in the country, we would love to see what he looks like.
Smith measured in at a lean 6-6, 265 pounds and actually looks skinny. He has a 6-10 wing span, incredible athleticism and as good a feet as you're going to find anywhere. When you combine his work ethic, mean streak and desire to be good and it's tough to find a weakness in him.
"In the last five years of traveling all over doing the NKE Camps, he's the best lineman I've seen period," lead NIKE line coach Marty Spalding said. "He was great last year and is even better now. If you could make a blueprint of what an offensive lineman should look like and play like, it's him."
As Spalding said, Smith was the MVP of last year's NIKE Camp at USC, the only underclassmen named at any of the 12 stops. This year, MVP's are given out by position and Smith won the award in what was easily the deepest position of the day.
"That was my goal, I always want to be the best," Smith said. "There was a lot of really good lineman out here but I tried to take as many reps as I could in the one on one drills to show I was the best guy out here.
"I had a blast, I learned a lot from the coaches and loved the competition. I tried to go up against the best defensive linemen here and feel like I did very well against all of them."
When you're as talented as Smith is, you're going to have your choice of just about any school in the country. Although it's still early in the process, it sounds like Smith has already narrowed his choices down to two.
"USC and UCLA are the main two I'm looking at," Smith added. "They're both great schools and when you have two great schools close to home, there really isn't any reason to leave. There is a chance I could take some trips but I could also make an early commitment.
"Right now, it's tough to decide between the two L.A schools. Both have nice campuses and I like the coaching staffs a lot at both schools. The deciding factor for me is going to be simple- what school gives me the best chance to win a ring.
"I want to win a national championship, that's my goal and the school that I think has a better shot of doing that, that's where I'm going to commit."