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Tyrod Taylor down to two

Five-star quarterback Tyrod Taylor out of Hampton, Va. apparently has narrowed his list of favorites to two schools. The 6-foot-1, 200-pounder plans to visit both programs before making a decision in July.
"I'd say right now I'm down to Florida and Virginia Tech because those two schools can offer me the best chance for a national championship," he said. "I'd like to get the chance to play for a national championship and doing it in-state would be big for Virginia. I know Virginia Tech can do it because they went there a few years ago so there is a possibility there and Florida of course has won it before."
The Rivals100 quarterback likes more about both schools than just the chance to win a title.
"As far as Florida, I like the opportunity in their offense and coach Meyer thinks I'm a perfect fit for them. I am not concerned about the fact that Tim Tebow is there. There is going to be competition wherever I go," he said. "I like Virginia Tech because their offense would really open up for me. They also got some wide receivers last year and of course they are close to home."
At the moment Taylor has visits planned to Blacksburg and Gainesville, but he is keeping the door open to visit another school.
"I'm going to be taking visits sometime in mid-July to Florida and also one to Virginia Tech on July 8th. I still am keeping the option open to take a visit to Tennessee in the next month, but that is up in the air." he said. "The camp at Virginia Tech, I know Jay Smith is coming with us. I'm also trying to see about getting Nick Sukay and Mark Barnes to be there at the same time. I talk to Mark on a regular basis and Nick often too, they both definitely seem very interested in playing with me in college."
Currently Taylor is planning to make a decision in mid to late July.
"We're looking at doing it right before or even at the Elite 11 camp in California on July 23rd. I think it'll be sometime that week."
Last season the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the country led the Crabbers to a state championship while passing for 2,500 yards of offense and 32 touchdowns.
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