Two visits planned, two to go for Friekh

With a pair of official scheduled, Layth Friekh is ready to move forward.
The "every school is equal" charade is over. The three-star tackle has a top four and now he's making plans to visit the frontrunners. Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nebraska are all still in the hunt. Friekh intends to take a trip to each campus. That, it seems, is where things will get serious.
For the time being, only two travel dates are set in stone. The Peoria (Ariz.) Centennial lineman will hit Oregon on Sept. 14 for the Ducks' game with Tennessee. On Oct. 12, he'll make his way to Washington.

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Friekh says there's already plenty to like about each program. He's just hoping the upcoming visits create some separation.
"I like a lot of things about Oregon," Friekh said. "I like that they just win. They're always in the top five and always in good bowl games. I've never really seen them lose. They had a one-loss season last year. With Washington, I love the coaching staff. I have a teammate there, so I know somebody."
The top four are set in stone. Those aren't changing. Ask Friekh to put them in some sort of loose pecking order, though, and he declines. That, he says, is what his official visits are for.
"I'm not really sure right now," Friekh said. "I'm just keeping my options open until I take all my officials. I have my top four, and I'm taking my officials there, but I'm keeping my options open with those four."
For now, Friekh's timetable as is uncertain as his pecking order. He's like to take all four official visits but if the mood strikes him on a trip. He'll end things on the spot. There's no date for an announcement. His recruitment could wrap up at any moment on any day this fall.
"If I feel right on a visit, I'm going to commit there," Friekh said. "That's basically my plan. I was going to commit in early August, but now I'm just going to wait for my visits."