Two trips set for Houston athlete

Houston Booker T. Washington athlete/running back Brandon Jackson has always been a hot commodity in the Lone Star State, but now he’s got two official visits lined up and is close to setting up a third visit with the nation’s No. 1 team.
“I’m going to Arizona on December 12 and Wisconsin on December 19,” Jackson, a 6-foot, 212-pound athlete that could project at a number of different positions in college, said. “I can’t wait to take the visits. Nine out of 10 times if you visit Wisconsin in late December that means you’ll get to watch them practice for a bowl game. I can’t wait to get up there and see that.

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“Coach (Rob) Ianello is recruiting me for Wisconsin, and he’s such a nice guy. He never says a bad thing about anybody else. He just focuses on the positives for Wisconsin.”
Then there is Arizona, which is still searching for a head coach, but the Wildcats haven’t given up recruiting him.
“Arizona is talking to me about how great it’s going to be to come in with a new head coach,” Jackson said. “They said it would be like coming in with a clean slate and that a young guy like me could get a shot at playing early.”
But, Jackson said he continues to like one team that hasn’t offered him a scholarship the best.
“I really like Oklahoma still on top,” Jackson, who has rushed for 398 yards this season, said. “I talked to coach (Kein) Sumlin last week on the phone, and he said they’re going to come down this weekend to see me play. He said they really love me a lot, but they want me to go ahead and get my test score up.
“With my GPA, all I have to get is a 16. I know I’ll be able to punch that out without any problems.”