Two-sport star thinking both ways

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Which sport will it be for Dallas (Texas) Carter athlete Michael Crabtree with basketball and football being two huge parts of his everyday life.
It's the thought constantly swirling the 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect that can play all over the football field with his size and versatility. Offers in football from Baylor, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, and Kansas are just a few reasons why he's considering the turf.
"I like football, but I like basketball – I really like both," Crabtree said. "I don't know really what I want to do yet. I think about all the time."

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Ironically enough, Crabtree is currently participating at a basketball tournament in California. This one comes right after a previous stop for a Las Vegas competition.
He even found out about more offers while on the road.
"We lost by one the last game, but we're at it again here," Crabtree said. "My dad was going through letters while I've been away and said Michigan State offered along with Illinois. I really like that team."
Basketball has kept his summer full and left with no time for visits. However he's thinking about those fall plans.
"I would say most likely Colorado will be a trip," he said. "I just have always wanted to see what it looks like there. Minnesota talks about how amazing their stadium is, so I'll probably check that out."