Two-sport Louisiana star close to decision

Mum’s still the word for one of Louisiana’s top two-sport stars, but he may be inching closer toward announcing his college intentions.
“I’m not ready to say just yet, but I kind of know,” said Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab star Glen Davis. “I don’t want to scare anyone off until I’m sure, so I’m not saying anything at this point.”
Davis (6-8, 345, 5.0) is a top defensive tackle prospect on the gridiron and a bruising power forward on the hardwood. He has offers from LSU (both sports), Miami (both sports), Oklahoma State (football) and Tulane (basketball) thus far.

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“A bunch of people say they would have offered, too, but they’re not sure what I’m going to do,” he said. “They’re kind of waiting to see the same way you guys are.”
Any hints?
“I’ve been kind of leaning toward basketball, but most people might be surprised by what I pick,” he said. “I may be built for one of them a little better than the other, if you follow me.
“But I’m only going to play one or the other in college. I want to concentrate on what I do best and still be able to take care of business in the classroom.”
Davis is expected to be a full qualifier with a 2.8 GPA and a 19 on the ACT.
Hometown LSU is generally considered to be the leader. Davis acknowledged that he’s very impressed with Nick Saban and the Tigers’ football program, but wasn’t so sure about the basketball program.
“I’d say LSU, Miami and Florida are three that I’m really looking at,” he added.
Davis is also receiving heavy attention from Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Michigan State, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Tulane, among others.
He plans to camp at LSU and Miami this summer.