Two set for McCoy

If anybody wants to know what it's like to be one of the most highly sought after high school football players in the country, just ask five-star Rivals100 defensive tackle Gerald McCoy who knows that it can be fun, but a little crazy at times to.
The 6-foot-4, 305-pound No. 1 rated defensive tackle in the nation will never say anything is going badly with a smile almost always on his face in every situation. With all the scholarship offers, recruiting interest, phone calls, and playing under the Friday night lights, McCoy is keeping to his usual humble routine.
"I think I'm doing pretty good," McCoy said about his season so far. "I've got around 32 tackles, six sacks, seven forced fumbles, four recoveries, and then I have a safety."

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Yes, that's pretty good.
However, McCoy is never one to brag and is the last one to leave the weight room no matter how many experts believe he is one of the best high school players for the 2006 class across the nation including Rivals.com's No. 1 rated defensive tackle prospect.
"I know I have a good ranking or whatever, but I have to work even harder because of it," McCoy said. "I can't say that I've arrived now. No, you have to work harder and harder everyday from here on out."
One other thing on his list that he tries to find time for is recruiting. Scholarship offers have flooded the McCoy household and he has set up two official visits based on his system.
"I'm taking visits to Miami and USC," McCoy said. "I'm going to see the Miami game when they play Georgia tech on Oct. 2 and then I'm going to see USC play Stanford on Nov. 5. Miami played well against Florida State and well against Clemson. USC has played how everyone expected."
"Basically, my official visits will be to the teams I can't drive to. I can drive to LSU, I can drive to Nebraska, but I can't drive to USC or Miami."
McCoy, as everyone would expect, even finds time to gaze at the college landscape of games on Saturdays. He's been quite the football analyst himself so far.
"One team that everybody is surprised about was Notre Dame, and I kept telling people they were going to be good," McCoy said. "No, everyone thought they were going to be rebuilding, but I knew they were going to come out like they have."
"I will say it's been a weird college season though so far."
McCoy will most likely be one of the latest college decisions as his visits are just now beginning to get set up. He's just trying to go with the flow and see what happens.
"I really like it because all these colleges actually want me to play for their schools," he said. "They try to get to know me and let me know that they want me to play for them."
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