Two Pac-10 schools lead for Kline

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - Zach Kline worked out with the Elite 11 quarterbacks this week and the 2012 prospect from Danville (Calif.) Sam Ramon Valley not only performed well but was arguably one of the top signal-callers in attendance.
Just having the opportunity to learn so much from the top prep and college quarterbacks was an invaluable experience for Kline, who said he's hearing from Cal, Oregon State, Oregon and Hawaii so far.
"It's amazing," Kline said. "You get so much feedback from all these guys, all the college guys that have seen it all before, they went through what I'm going through now.

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"All the guys are so, so awesome and so helpful with everything. You do one thing wrong and they're not just going to bang on you. They're going to tell you to do this or do that and you do it and it helps. These guys are great."
This isn't Kline's first impressive performance leading up to his junior season. The 6-foot-2, 192-pound prospect was one of the top quarterbacks at the Berkeley Elite 11 workout and the Palo Alto NIKE Camp. He's proven he can hang at this level and Kline said being a part of this experience will only help him improve faster.
"You have to compete when you're here, you get that adrenaline going and once you see these guys and they're slinging it around the field you want to do that and you keep doing it," Kline said.
"Pretty much mostly here they already know you can throw because if not you wouldn't have been here. A lot of it is footwork and reading defenses. Those are the two biggest things. When you have footwork you have accuracy so everything ties together.
"Mainly when I'm here I'm mostly just trying to refine my skills of reading a defense. That's the biggest thing, that's what you have to do when you're in college. Defenses are going to change, they're going to roll coverages and they're teaching you that here."
Cal and Oregon State are Kline's two early favorites with the Golden Bears having a slight advantage. More programs should get involved once his junior season starts so Kline could have lots of options as his high school career continues.
"Oregon State likes me and I like them a lot and Cal, it's the same deal," Kline said.
"It's really Cal and Oregon State, they both have great coaches. I would love to play for both of those guys. Great offenses, already what I run in high school, and they understand the pro-style. Those coaches, (Mike) Riley and (Jeff) Tedford, you can talk to them about anything."