Two out in front for JUCO receiver

Jarvis Bentley holds nine scholarship offers. He expects a few more on top of those, too. New schools have been in contact since the start of his season and things are moving forward. The Itawamba (Miss.) Community College wide receiver knows he can only choose one, though.
That's not to say he won't keep all of his options in mind following his commitment. See, Bentley is making a second list of sorts. He wants to make sure the schools that decide to pass on him won't be forgotten down the road.
"Any school that decides not to offer me, I'm going to see if we play them," Bentley said. "Then, they are going to wish they offered me.
"Any offer to me is a compliment. At junior college, it's rough down here. Any school that throws an offer my way, I appreciate it. Every offer I get means a lot."
His words are genuine but, at the same time, he isn't going to try to fool everyone into thinking all of his scholarship offers hold equal value. Right now, Missouri and Kentucky lead the pack by a significant margin. Once the season wraps up, he intends to tour the campuses of both.
"I don't have dates or anything yet because I won't go until after the season, but I'm definitely going to visit Missouri and Kentucky," Bentley said. "I'll be setting those dates pretty soon."
After that, things get less certain. Bentley hasn't decided whether or not he'll take all five official visits allotted to him. He says he will if the right offers come down the pipe. Illinois, Kansas State, UAB, Tennessee and Arkansas have all recently become involved with his recruitment. A member of that group will likely be chosen for a visit if all goes well.
For now, though, Bentley is focused on the offers he already holds. He speaks about their offenses and says he sees himself as a perfect fit with that of his two frontrunners.
"Missouri has a powerhouse offense," Bentley said. They like to throw the ball a lot. I like that style. They get the ball in the air a lot. Being a receiver, I want to catch passes. With Kentucky … Kentucky really throws the ball, too. They run the same offense, basically, as my school now. So that would be a good fit for me, too. I'd be familiar with the playbook."
Bentley, originally from Georgia, says he remains on pace to graduate from Itawamba in December. He hopes to make a decisions after he wraps up his official visits.
Last season, Bentley caught 37 passes for 197 yards in nine games.