Two on top early for 2014 LB

Junior linebacker Christian Lezzer of Clearfield, Pa. had a busy summer and has turned that into a quick start to his season. Lezzer also has several ties to a Big Ten program, which he has grown very comfortable with over the years.
During the summer Lezzer attended camps at Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Penn State and Maryland.
"They all went great," he said. "I talked to all the coaches and I got a feel for each one. I'd have to say that Rutgers and Penn State stood out and they are definitely my top choices as of now."

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Lezzer, 6-foot-1 and 212-pounds, explained why Rutgers and Penn State are currently standing out.
"I really liked the coaching staff at Rutgers and Coach Vanderlinden from Penn State," he said. "Both of my uncles played football at Penn State and I grew up watching their games."
With his long standing ties to Penn State, Lezzer shared his thoughts on the recent sanctions.
"I've thought about it, but it's still a great school, with great coaches and a long tradition," said Lazzer, who is mainly being recruited as an outside linebacker.
Lazzer has already hit the road for two visits this month and plans to take a few more next month.
"I've already been to Rutgers and Penn State," he said. "In October I plan to visit Pittsburgh, Akron and Duke as well."
Both Rutgers and Penn State left a lasting impression on Lezzer.
"I really enjoyed both of them," he said. "I thought Rutgers had great facilities, game atmosphere and a beautiful campus. At Penn State, it's pretty neat playing in front of 110,000 people."
While it is still very early in his process, Lezzer already knows what he is looking for in a school.
"Academics is the first thing, because I want to be an anesthesiologist," he said. "Then coaching staff, facilities and atmosphere."
While he has been staying busy with visits, Lezzer is also off to a fantastic start on the field this season.
"So far I have three sacks on defense and about 33 tackles while playing right outside linebacker," said Lezzer. "On offense I have 15 total touchdowns playing quarterback, receiver and running back."
Lezzer spent most of the off-season working to improve a few specific parts of his game.
"I'd have to say speed is a big thing," he said. "I was going to a speed trainer in Youngstown, Ohio and that really helped. I dropped by 40 time from about a 4.75 to running around a low 4.6 consistently."