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Two offers for 2014 tight end

The class of 2014 in Ohio has already seen several prospects received Division I scholarship offers. Within the last week, Minster tight end Ethan Wolf has joined those ranks with his first two scholarship offers.
"Last Friday I got an offer to play at the University of Toledo and just [Wednesday] I got an offer to play at the University of Illinois," Wolf reported. "Just to get the first one under my belt was huge. Once you get one, the others start to come and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go."
Wolf learned of the offer from Illinois through his head coach, and immediately went online to look into the Illini's program.
"I would love to play in front of the amount of people who see Illinois," Wolf said. "I have seen stuff on their website about how many Big Ten Championships they've won and how many people have gone onto the NFL."
Several more schools have come through Minster High to check on the 6-foot-6, 221-pound tight end who caught 20 passes for 392 yards as a sophomore.
"Penn State has been the most thorough one that has been sending me stuff," Wolf said. "I have gotten camp forms and questionnaires from them. I've got to call their coach and talk to him about going up to camp."
Wolf comes into the recruiting process well-versed on the traditions of college football, and watched a couple teams closely growing up.
"I grew up in Indiana and was a big Notre Dame fan," Wolf said. "They have been one school that's been on my radar - them and OSU. We've lived here for a long time now and [Ohio State] has been that second team throughout my football-liking career."
Wolf is already registered for camps at Ohio State and Cincinnati. He is also looking into camps at Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan State and Alabama.