Two new offers for Wright

Woodbridge (Va.) C.D. Hylton offensive tackle Chasz Wright landed two new offers over the weekend. The 6-foot-7, 274-pounder pulled one in from both the ACC and Big Ten conferences.
"I got offers from NC State on Friday and Penn State on Saturday," he said. "I had been to Penn State's camp early in the summer and I just met NC State during my junior season, but I haven't visited there."
How did the offers come about?

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"NC State had a look at my highlight tape and compared me to other athletes," he said. "We had been talking on and off and they liked what they saw. For Penn State, they had given me a call on Saturday and just based on the fact they needed more athletes. They called up and gave me a full scholarship. They are thinking I'm very good and fit their program and offense."
Penn State offered Wright as an offensive tackle, while NC State is looking at defensive tackle. Wright claims he has no preference as to which position he plays at the next level.
The fact the offers came in surprised the lineman.
"NC State was very shocking and I was surprised they offered me off the bat. I thought they'd recruit me more and go into the season," he said. "I didn't think Penn State would pull the trigger as early. I had been talking to them, but wasn't sure they'd go as far as an offer."
Wright briefly touched on the two new scholarships.
"NC State is a good football team and Penn State has a good team too," he said. "Penn State's education is pretty good and at the top. I've just got to see what's the best choice for myself."
The big lineman hopes to get a closer look at a few schools this fall.
"I am planning to go to visit schools this year," he said. "I've never been to NC State, so I want to go down there. I just have to find a window to go."
So, does Wright have any favorites?
"Not really," he said. "I thought I had a favorite to be honest, but everything is the same. I still have that offer from Connecticut and they are still talking to me. Texas Tech is still interested and considering offering. Maryland and Cincinnati are looking and plan to watch me this year."
Wright and C.D. Hylton open the season next week against Battlefield. He looked to the year ahead.
"My basic thoughts are that I have to go hard and I can't take plays off," he said. "I've got to play both sides of the ball smart and be a team player."