Two new offers and two leaders for DE

Anthony Williams is a defensive end prospect from McDonough (Ga.) Union Grove High School that picked up his 14th and 15th scholarship offer today. Williams, 6-4 and 235 pounds, got one from South Carolina and one from Wisconsin.
"I know a lot about South Carolina because of coach (Steve) Spurrier," Williams said. "I watched them a lot last season. I talked with the coaches today and they have been straight forward with me. They want me to visit and get around the coaches, players and environment in Columbia. I am hoping on going to their one day camp.
"At this point I don't know much about Wisconsin but if I am not mistaken they had a pretty good season."
Williams is really only familiar with two schools and those two schools he has been to a few times now – Georgia Tech and Auburn.
"Those two schools really stick out for me but it's probably because they are the only two schools I have seen so far. That's why I will wait to make a decision because I haven't had a chance to see other schools.
"I am really close with coach (Giff) Smith at Georgia Tec. We have great chemistry between us and it's been like that from the first day. Every time we talk we have a great conversation. I talk with the players there and some of their commitments. I feel pretty comfortable there already.
"I also have tight bond Tracey Rocker at Auburn. I have talked with coach (Gene) Chizik and he has talked with my dad. They are going through a little rebuilding stage and I know they want to start off the season right. Their defense is very physical and ready."
Williams hopes to get out this summer and see some of the schools that have offered him.
"I want to get around. South Carolina, Oklahoma State and mainly schools around Georgia or within a three hour drive I will go try and see. I would love to get out to Stanford and West Virginia.
"Playing time is important to me and I want to get into the depth chart. I will work hard and red-shirt if I have too. I want to try and find pros and cons of each school. These are some great football programs."