Two more offers for Forcier

The offers keep rolling in for San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine quarterback Chris Forcier. The standout signal caller also took part in UCLA's Junior Day this past weekend and said he had a good time in Westwood.
Forcier, 6-3, 180 pounds recently hit the double digit offer mark that we predicted he would have. The two most recent offers came on Monday from UNLV and Minnesota.
"I didn't have any previous contact with either school so I was pretty excited about the offers," Forcier said. "Minnesota is in the Big 12 and I love Big 10 football. I know it's cold there but they play their games in a dome so that solves the cold problem for part of the year. I'm very interested in getting to know their staff more and see what the school has to offer."
Forcier was already sitting on offers from Mississippi, Mississippi State, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Nebraska, UCLA and BYU. The quarterback has already attended the Aztecs junior day and took part in UCLA's this past weekend.
"It was great, I loved it there," Forcier said. "I loved the campus and the facilities. I met with all the coaches and got to see who the other prospects were in person. I felt real comfortable walking on campus there because I felt like I belonged.
"I also saw some other San Diego recruits up there which was cool because I could relate to them. Markques Simas and Nate Chandler of Mira Mesa were there and they seemed like guys I would want to be around. Todd Doxey of Hoover High in San Diego was also there which interested me because I would like to play with some guys from my area."