Two more offer Shallman

Detroit Catholic Central jumbo athlete Wyatt Shallman started creating a recruiting buzz last spring, and has continued to generate major college interest this fall. In recent weeks he has added two new offers to the two he received pre-season.
"I have Syracuse and Michigan State now," reported Shallman, who had previously received offers from Cincinnati and Michigan.
Syracuse assistant coach Tyrone Wheatley is himself a former prep running back from the state of Michigan, and he offered the 6-3, 255-pound Shallman to run the football for the Orange.

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"He's a really funny guy and really upbeat, which I like," Shallman said. "He has the experience of being a big back and has been through it, so it is interesting to talk to someone who has gone through that situation. He's a great coach now, but he was a great football player and it's good to talk to people who know the situations you are in. On a recruiting level, that makes them more connectable to players."
The offer from Michigan State came through in October. Shallman had been in contact with assistant coach Brad Salem throughout the process, and received his offer directly from head coach Mark Dantonio.
"[Salem] said Coach Dantonio wanted me to give him a call, so we talked over the phone and he gave it to me," Shallman said. "I was ecstatic. It's just an exciting thing when you get an offer from anyone, let alone a great program like Michigan State, Michigan, Syracuse or Cincinnati."
Shallman has yet to check out a game at Michigan State this fall, but his proximity to their East Lansing campus will help facilitate a visit in the near future.
"They're so close that I will definitely get over there pretty soon," Shallman said. "We got into conference play in our league, which is on Saturday, so it has been hard to [visit]."
Prior to starting league play, Shallman made game day visits to Michigan's first two home games. He continues to have close contact with the Wolverine's coaching staff.
"They have been playing great football so it is always good to check in on them and see how they are doing, Shallman said. "I like Michigan a lot, but I'm not deciding anything yet. I'm not going to rush into a decision. It is a big decision and me and my family have to think about it."
Other schools that have been sending regular mail and showing interest in Shallman include Florida, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Cal and Oregon.