Two Big East schools stand out to 2014 OL

2014 offensive tackle Jacquis Webb out of Rochester (N.Y.) Gates Chili has landed his first offer. The 6-foot-5, 310-pounder discussed the Division I scholarship as well as other interest starting to come his way.
"I've gotten offered by Old Dominion," he said. "I know they offered me at the end of June. It was just a phone call and they told me they like my work ethic and they liked what they saw from a game of mine last season. They just like me."
Does Webb know anything about Old Dominion?

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"I know they just started a football program not too long ago and they are the Monarchs," said Webb. "I don't know too much else about them."
Webb claims two other schools are very high on his list.
"I'd loved to go Pittsburgh and Syracuse, those are my top choices,"
he stated. "I honestly really like Syracuse. I saw them practice last weekend and spent time with a couple players and coaches. They told me they'll see how the season goes and if I can produce well, hopefully I'll get an offer during or after the season."
The Panthers have also caught Webb's attention.
"With Pittsburgh, I've talked to the recruiter there before and they'll see what happens during the season like Syracuse," he said. "There is something about them I like; I like the school and the program. I've looked into their football program and they produce professional players. They also play in the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium. It seems like a high quality college."
Webb has plans to head to games at Syracuse and Pittsburgh sometime during the school year.
As he evaluates further, Webb touched on what he's looking for in a college.
"I don't want to go too far south, that's not really me," he said.
"For my education, I kind of want to major as an audio technician or media technician, that type of thing. I just want a good football program too. The main thing is that I don't want to be too far, way down south."