Turner hasnt stopped pushing

Anyway you slice it Camdenton, Mo., tight end Mickey Turner is just as happy about his early summer commitment to Wisconsin as he has ever been.
Though no other offers were added to his list before he gave his pledge for the Badgers, other schools have called since September to see if his commitment may have been shaky. Turner responds with a simple answer.
"I told them I was committed and then they stopped calling," Turner said. "I liked every aspect of the school. Wisconsin not only has great athletics but academics as well. I like the coaching staff and I just have always known it was the best fit."

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The No. 23 rated player in the state of Missouri may be done with recruiting, but he's not done with getting some goals out of the way for his senior year.
"We're doing pretty good sitting at 7-0 right now," Turner said. "We want to go to state. That's the goal of every senior I think. It's really the main thing on my mind and it's what we're looking forward to."
His contact with the Wisconsin coaching staff has not been far and few between. That has also helped in laying the foundation for a great relationship between player and coach.
"I usually get my call from them on Sunday or Monday," Turner said. "So it's at least once a week and we just talk about everything. Usually it's about their game and I answer some questions about me that they want to find out. It's nice to know they still are interested in learning more about me."
"It's a good feeling."