Tuerk dominates offensive line

Max Tuerk loves being an offensive tackle. He loves driving players into the ground and punishing them for coming his way.
Tuerk, a 6-foot-6, 294-pound four-star prospect from Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita, is usually seen manhandling defensive ends on almost every play. He's also known for running down the field just looking, aching, to block somebody.
Being an offensive tackle is his passion and the USC commit is really good at it.

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"I love it," Tuerk said. "We have weekly goals and this week was to finish blocks. I really focused on finishing blocks. I just go hard every second of the play even if they quit."
Defenders oftentimes do give up because their efforts are fruitless. Tuerk usually wins every snap and his dominance - along with Santa Margarita's entire offensive line - is a big reason why it is still undefeated.
Alongside Tuerk is offensive tackle Riley Sorenson and offensive guard Eric Bunte, two dominating juniors who should both end up with multiple offers. Sorenson already has an offer from SMU.
"It's an awesome group," Tuerk said.
Santa Margarita coach Harry Welch said: "They're just young babies. We've barely scratched the surface. Three of them are underclassmen.
"If you were to watch film, sometimes I'm calling the plays and peeking out of the corner, Max Tuerk was taking his man sometimes five, six, seven yards down the field. It's scary. We get some kids to join him and it could be very, very good."
What's most impressive about Tuerk is the transition he made to offensive tackle because as a sophomore he played tight end.
But then he bulked up with muscle, moved to offensive tackle and has been a hit. Playing on the offensive line seems much more natural to Tuerk and he's one of the best in the West without a doubt.
"It's been relatively pretty easy," Tuerk said. "I put on good weight and I've had great coaching.
"I like offensive line a little better than tight end. I like laying out people. I always get that way on game day. I love football and that's how I've always been."
Once USC offered it was a relatively easy decision for Tuerk to make since the Trojans had always been his favorite.
It could have been much more difficult since Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon and many other national programs were involved but USC was always the school he wanted to play for and he accepted its offer in May.
As his senior season continues, Tuerk isn't even considering other visits. No school, he says, could sway him from his decision.
"I'm done," Tuerk said.
"USC is where I want to be. I went on a couple visits over spring break last year - I visited Oregon and Washington - but USC is the place I want to be. USC is my dream school. Nothing compares to it."