Tucky looking for the domino effect

Ohio linebacker Ethan Tucky starts off in the class of 2016's Rivals250, but answering one question on the field this fall could turn on the offer spigot.
"I have some doubters right now," Tucky said. "The biggest thing right now holding back (schools) from offering is that I played defensive end last year. I can prove to these coaches I can play outside linebacker well. I have already proved it to myself; I have to show it to these college coaches now."
The 6-foot-2, 213-pound Tucky does hold offers from Boston College, Eastern Michigan and Toledo heading into his junior season.
"A lot of schools are on the brink," Tucky said. "It's a domino thing - if I can get that one school to offer, good things will happen."
Ohio State and Michigan State are among the schools Tucky feels are closest to offering.
"I have been talking to Coach (Luke) Fickell (at Ohio State) and Coach (Mike) Tressel at Michigan State," Tucky said. "They just want me to get a few games under my belt and if I can show them I can play outside linebacker in a game setting, that's the only thing holding them back right now."
Michigan State was the first camp Tucky attended this summer. He felt it was one of his best summer camp performances and came away impressed with the program.
"I love the campus and it is a great location," Tucky said. "The football facilities are amazing, and then the atmosphere - that drive to be the best is what you felt there."
Ohio State is the local school for the Delaware, Ohio native, but Tucky wants to eliminate the location or hometown factors from his evaluation of the program.
"There is a lot of peer pressure, but when it comes down to it I am trying to be unbiased with everything," Tucky said. "Looking at Ohio State from a football standpoint - which I am trying to do - they are absolutely a great football program, great facilities and great coaching staff."
Tucky knows college coaches will be watching this fall, and he is chomping at the bit to show them what he has learned during the off-season.
"The confidence I have going into this year compared to last year is so much higher just from all the experience I got with the coaching staffs at the camps I've been to," he said. "I just feel so much faster and know what I am doing. That's a great feeling to have."