Trips important to Allensworth

Darius Allensworth remains committed to Cal, and he will visit there this weekend, but Washington State definitely impressed him and has to be considered a player in the final weeks of his recruitment.
The Romoland (Calif.) Heritage four-star defensive back visited Washington State with his teammate, three-star running back Jamal Morrow, who is committed there, and they both had a great weekend.
One thing that Allensworth especially liked is that a lot of Los Angeles-area players are on the Cougars' roster including his host Gabriel Marks and that could play an influence in the final weeks.

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"It was really good," Allensworth said. "It was a great visit. I had fun with Jamal and all the other guys. I had a great time.
"It does matter a lot all those guys are there. It's reassuring because there are a lot of people I know and a lot of people that come from kind of the same background as me."
Allensworth, who has been committed to Cal since August and Arizona before that, said the Washington State coaches made it clear they wanted him to commit but did not go overboard.
The four-star appreciated their approach and he also liked Pullman, which could play a factor in his decision-making process.
"They wanted me to commit but they weren't really pressuring me," Allensworth said. "We talked about it and they know the process. They're really great so they're just allowing me to take my time.
"I liked it up there. It was like a small environment. Everyone on the football team seems like a family. It's a real family environment and they have each other's backs. It's different than some other schools but I like the small-town feel."
Allensworth will visit Cal this weekend and then take a trip to Texas Tech right before signing day. He plans to return from those trips and weigh all his options one final time.
"After that I'm going to see where I stand with everything," Allensworth said.