Treadwell unsure of summer decision

ORLANDO - Whether to commit before his senior season or not has been weighing heavily on the mind of Rivals100 wide receiver Laquon Treadwell over the last month. On Saturday, the Crete-Monee (Ill.) prospect updated where he was in his thought process.
"It's on my mind a lot," Treadwell said. "Whenever I have time to myself, that's basically what's on my mind."
Treadwell's leader for the last month-plus has been Michigan, and he reiterated Saturday the Wolverines still maintain their lead. Treadwell has made numerous visits to Ann Arbor, but he still has some questions about the program he does not believe can be answered before the season.

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"It's probably just the offense. I really don't know about the pro-style offense," Treadwell said. "Then again, I might do well in the pro-style because that's what NFL teams like."
Communication between Treadwell and the Michigan coaching staff has slowed during the summer, but the Illinois receiver has been talking with several of the Wolverine's commitments in the 2013 class, particularly quarterback Shane Morris who playing with Treadwell this weekend in Orlando on the Midwest team for the Gridiron Kings event.
"Shane is a great quarterback and we've been out here competing, but he hasn't really told me anything other than they will run a pro-style offense," Treadwell said.
In the meantime, other schools are starting to attract Treadwell's attention including an SEC school that came through with an offer in the last few days.
"I got an offer from LSU, so I am taking an interest in that and seeing what they have to offer," Treadwell said. "I know Ethan from a couple visits and then working out at Core6. He has hit me up on Twitter last week, said I should go down there, but he hasn't said much about it."
A visit to Baton Rouge is under consideration, but hinges on Treadwell's future talks with the LSU coaching staff. Visits to Big 12 schools Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have been in the works for several months, however, and Treadwell said he needs to see those schools before he plans a trip to LSU.
"It's probably not going to happen before the season, but I looked at the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game and the Oklahoma-Texas one too," Treadwell said.
That does not mean Treadwell is done with summer visits, however. He planned to talk with the coaching staffs at Michigan State and Notre Dame this weekend about setting trips to their campuses and he is looking at two other potential visits as well.
"I will probably shoot down to Iowa [this summer]," he said. "I was talking with one of my Core6 teammates, Maurice Fleming, and he was saying it was real cool, so I will probably get down there and see how it is.
"I was supposed to go to Florida yesterday for a little camp, where they were going to offer me once I got there and visited. I was going to go with Vernon [Hargreaves] and his mom but we didn't have time. If we have time I'll get over there and do it before I leave."
Treadwell has still not ruled out a pre-season decision, but the possibility that he takes his recruitment into the season appears to be growing more likely.