Treadwell recaps Ohio State visit

Rivals 100 wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has tried to schedule a visit to Ohio State multiple times over the last month, but in each case the plans fell through. On Monday, however, Treadwell was finally able to make it to Columbus.
"It was very intense," Treadwell said of the visit. "I just think the coaches knew what they were talking about and the facilities were all right. I didn't get to go through the dorms, but I got a chance to see most of what I wanted to see like the academics and the Black History Museum. I enjoyed myself."
Treadwell was accompanied on his visit to Ohio State by his mother, younger brother and three friends. They spent part of their day talking with head coach Urban Meyer in his office.

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"I feel comfortable around him," Treadwell said. "Usually I will be shy, but I was acting a little more like myself and asking him questions. He was pretty laid back and talking to my friends and everything. They wanted to take pictures with him and it was pretty cool."
Monday's visit also allowed Treadwell to get a feel for the offense Meyer and his staff are putting in for next fall, and see how he would fit with that system.
"I was in the film study and I was kind of catching on to it, could understand most of what they were doing and what they were trying to do," Treadwell said. "They give their receivers a chance to make plays. Basically, the receiver is featured in the offense and most of the plays don't happen if the receiver doesn't do his job. There is a bunch of blocking, I know that, but I kind of like the offense."
Following the visit, Treadwell said he has a much better feel for Ohio State and how it fits what he is looking for, but was not yet ready to say where they stood on his list.
"I'm not really close enough to making my decision to tell how real [Ohio State's chances] are, but my mom did mention I have to start shortening my list," Treadwell said. "The decision will still probably come after my season, but I will have to start shortening my list sooner now."
Next up for Treadwell is a planned trip to Oklahoma to see the Sooner's spring game this weekend. He plans to leave for that visit on Friday.
"Me and my mom were talking about it and she said she didn't want to go [coming off] the long drive to Ohio State, but most likely we will be going," Treadwell said. "I am excited to meet the coaches and just see what Oklahoma football is about because that is a big football tradition school."