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Treadwell going visit-by-visit

With two months remaining until National Signing Day, there are several things five-star Crete-Monee (Ill.) wide receiver Laquon Treadwell is sure of related to his recruitment, but there are others he is still figuring out.
One of the aspects Treadwell is clear about is that Ole Miss now stands out as the team to beat following an official visit to Oxford this past weekend.
"I had a great time down there, and my mom enjoyed it," Treadwell said. "She got a good vibe with the coaches. The first time she went -- my second time -- she didn't really like it because she felt there wasn't anybody talking to her and all the attention was going to me. Then, when we went down there again, she really liked it and got a good vibe with the coaches.
"The way my mom felt about the school, that really set it off. She enjoyed her time down there and enjoyed being around the coaches."
This week, following the Ole Miss official visit, was the first time Treadwell has come out and named the Rebels as his leader, and that lead appears pretty substantial at this point.
"They are high," Treadwell confirmed. "They have been on my mom the most, and you know I like the school. Once you get my mom to buy into what you're saying then that's about it."
Before the nation's No. 10-ranked prospect renders his college decision, though, he will take at least one more official visit. He and his mother will travel to Oklahoma the weekend of Dec. 14. The Sooners have held a place among Treadwell's favorites since the early stages of his recruitment, but this will be his first visit to Norman.
"I am very anxious," Treadwell said of the Oklahoma visit. "I like the offense they run and Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Jay) Norvell sound really interesting. I'm (looking forward to) spending time with them and being able to see what Oklahoma is all about."
Where Treadwell goes after returning from Oklahoma remains to be seen. He has no other official visits scheduled, but is considering additional official visits in January.
"I am taking these official visits one-by-one and seeing what schools I am really high on," Treadwell said. "There will probably be three or four (official visits) at the most, and I'll just see how everything goes with each official. When I have seen the schools that I want to see and I know which school I am high on, then I'll make my decision."
If additional official visits are scheduled beyond next weekend's trip to Oklahoma, they will go to one or both of Oklahoma State and Michigan. He has narrowed his focus to those four schools and notified other programs of that as well.
"Florida has been through a couple times as have LSU and Notre Dame, but I told them I wasn't interested," Treadwell said. "I told them I appreciate them recruiting me, but I just let them know straight up that I wasn't interested anymore."
With Ole Miss atop his list followed by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Michigan have work to do to close the gap despite still being under consideration.
Treadwell did take notice of the reports that tied Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy to job openings at Arkansas and Tennessee early this week, and he also was aware of the report Wednesday night that had Gundy turning down those opportunities to stay at Oklahoma State.
"It concerned me a lot, but I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it," Treadwell said. "It was a concern going forward knowing that a coach recruiting me was going to leave, but everything should be fine now."
Michigan was the first leader in Treadwell's recruitment, but they have since fallen from that position. The contact with their coaching staff is still on-going, according to Treadwell.
"Everything is going fine with Michigan," he said. "I still in contact with Coach Heck (Jeff Hecklinski) and I saw Coach (Brady) Hoke speak at the (banquet) yesterday. We said a few words and he said hello to my mom and everything, so everything is still the same."
While Treadwell is not for sure whether he will take any official visits in January, he was sure a decision would not be announced when he goes down to Florida for the Under Armour All-American Game. He wants to announce his college selection in his hometown and said it will come before National Signing Day, though no specific date has been set yet for that announcement.
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