Treadwell adds two more

Although his offer total is now nearing the 20-mark, Crete-Monee (Ill.) four-star wide receiver Laquon Treadwell still feels a sense of gratitude with each new opportunity. On Wednesday he added two more, including one from Auburn.
"It was another great offer that I am blessed to have," Treadwell said.
It was also an offer Treadwell did not see coming. He had been in contact with Auburn coaches via Facebook, but the contact had been limited in recent weeks. That was similar to the other offer he received on Wednesday from Oklahoma.

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"It was surprising to get Oklahoma," Treadwell said. "I really wasn't talking to any coaches. I had just gotten a couple letters from them, but I wasn't talking to them on Facebook or nothing."
Treadwell received news of both offers through his high school coach. He planned to retrieve the number for the coach at Oklahoma on Thursday and give them a follow up call. The Sooners program is one he does have a level of familiarity with, though.
"It is a great football program," Treadwell said. "They are all football, football, football down there. That's all I can think of when I hear the name Oklahoma. Watching them in bowl games when I was a kid, they are a great football program with great coaches and bring in a lot of great players."
The 6-3, 205-pound Treadwell has been accumulating offers at a steady pace since picking up his first two from Michigan and Notre Dame last fall. Basketball season has prevented him from delving too deeply into the recruiting process, however, and has limited his ability to visit college campuses.
"My next trip most likely is going to be Ohio State because I missed it [last month]," Treadwell said. "I've been talking to them, but we haven't really planned the trip. It may go on during spring break. I just want to meet the coaches, see the facilities and ask about everything."
Treadwell's limited travel schedule has allowed him to see just a small sampling of the schools that are pursuing him.
"I'm comfortable with Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois and Michigan State," Treadwell said. "Those are the top four schools that I have visited, though, so that's probably why I am the most comfortable with them."
And with his end of the evaluation process still largely in the future, Treadwell is in no rush to make his college selection. His current timetable stretches into next winter.
"I'm going to start narrowing down my list during the season," Treadwell said. "I'll look at the games, watch how they coach and watch the offenses. Then, probably after the season I'll narrow it down some more and once I go to the Army Game I will probably make my decision there."
The string of scholarship offers does not appear to be ceasing anytime soon, and Treadwell likely will have more blessing to count in the future.