Travis Williams goes over double-digits

Rivals250 to watch 2010 linebacker Travis Williams has already gone into double-digit offers according to his coach, Hank Sawyer. The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder claims 14 scholarships at this time and is gaining even more interest.
"I know he's at about 14, but I'm not sure from who all yet," Sawyer said. "He doesn't talk about favorites, but I know he likes North Carolina, Oregon and Florida. I'm not sure how far he'll go away from home. He's just looking at the best possible situation to play and play right away."
Rivals can confirm Williams holds offers from Louisville, North Carolina, NC State, Penn State, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.
Sawyer went on about Williams as a prospect.
"He was first team all-region wide receiver and outside linebacker," he said. "He's had 57 career sacks and has started for us since he was a ninth grader. He's a phenomenal receiver and that's something we haven't taken as much advantage of, but most of his catches were made on third and long which is important. He's also a phenomenal blocker and on our kickoff team too.
"As a linebacker, he makes plays. He causes turnovers and forces fumbles. He tiped a lot of balls and gets a lot of sacks. People try to run away from home, but he tracks them down. He locks down that half of the field. He is phenomenal and I'm glad he's on my team."
Besides being a talent on the field, Williams is a great person off of it too.
"He's a real good person," he said. "He's very dedicated to his workouts."
Sawyer confirmed Williams is trying to make up his mind on which all-star game to participate in January.
While Williams is the star at Lake Taylor, Sawyer has even more talent.
One such player is safety Lamont Britt, a 5-foot-11, 188-pounder.
"He's a monster strong safety," he said. "He makes a lot of big plays in our secondary and is a real good tackler. He's very good in run support and a good student too.
"He makes a lot of big hits and gets momentum for you."
Joining Britt in the secondary is 6-foot-3, 195-pound cornerback Mario Rowson.
"He's a shutdown corner that is tall, that's a gift," he said. "He plays basketball and first started at free safety, then we saw him in man-to-man and he held his own.
"For a kid that tall, he matches up really well. He wasn't scored on this past year and had three interceptions. He's also a good student, 2.4 GPA."
Interest is rising for both Rowson and Britt as they are getting looks from Marylandd, Virginia, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.
Rounding out the group is 6-foot-1, 245-pound defensive end Fred Hill.
"He plays nose guard for us and is very aggressive," he stated. "He's hard to block in one-on-one and is our main man in the middle. I see him as a rush end in a three-point stance. He comes off the edge so well and has an unbelievable work ethic.
"He's a good student with a 2.7. He can run too. He may be able to play linebacker as well."