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Transfer Tracker: Minnesota's Seth Green enters portal

Seth Green with the Gophers
Seth Green with the Gophers

Mark Pszonak contributed to this report.

The transfer portal never stops and former Minnesota Gopher Seth Green is an intriguing prospect. Here's a breakdown as he has entered the transfer portal:

Recruiting: Green initially committed to Oregon but then flipped to Minnesota in December after coach Scott Frost departed Eugene.

With the Gophers: In 33 games with the Gophers, Green rushed for 388 yards and 15 touchdowns, completed six of seven passes for three touchdowns and one interception, and had six receptions for 83 yards.

Potential landing spots: Oklahoma State (twin brothers, Blaine and Bryson, are part of Cowboys' 2021 class), Michigan State, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh and others have been mentioned.

Farrell’s Take: Green is clearly an interesting prospect who has played quarterback and wide receiver and can run from the QB position. He could also be a tight end and with his versatility he will get Power Five looks. He likely lands someplace solid.

Impact Rating: 5.7 out of 10


The Transfer Portal continues to change the way college football programs recruit and mange their rosters so we here at continue to evolve our coverage. Each time a player of note enters the portal, we will examine their potential impact on the college football landscape and assign an impact rating, both when they enter the portal and when they choose a destination. The scale is from 1-10 and the description below explains the scoring scale.

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10 — A franchise transfer who has a chance to be an All American and one of the elite players in college football.