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Torgersen hopes to get noticed

Alek Torgersen has had a great spring with strong performances at the Oakland Elite 11 and the NIKE Air Strike tournament at Dana Hills but many college coaches still don't know about the Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison quarterback.
The 6-foot-2, 220-pound prospect was a backup in his junior season to Chase Favreau and so he doesn't have much highlight film and isn't on the recruiting radar for many coaches.
After his two recent outings, Torgersen could emerge soon.
"It's picked up a little bit," Torgersen said.
"I didn't play a lot last year because Chase was the quarterback. I'm getting looked at by the Ivy Leagues a lot. I believe I have the skill set but I haven't had a lot of playing time. I don't have film to send out so no one really knows a lot."
Torgersen said he's camping at Harvard and Yale this summer and will also work out at a camp in New England.
But many programs in the West have not shown interest in Torgersen since he didn't play much in his junior season.
The Huntington Beach Edison quarterback hopes to continue to play well into his senior season so his recruitment could pick up.
"It's been hard for me in the recruiting process because I don't have a lot of time," Torgersen said.
"I just want to see where it goes after my senior year. It's been tough. If I played last year I feel like I'd be getting looked at by many more schools but unfortunately timing didn't work out in my favor."