Toran has one in the lead

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore standout Najee Toran stands 6-foot-4, weighs in at 250 pounds, and has been mainstay in the trenches during his time in a Mustang uniform.
College coaches like what they have seen of his work on both offense and defense, and offers have come from Boise State, Houston, Oregon State, and TCU. From the sound of things more could be coming soon from the likes of Colorado, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas.
"It's going good," Toran said of the recruiting process. "I don't have any new offers yet but it's going good. Teams are saying an offer is coming soon."

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Right now defense appears to be an option, but most of his attention has come as an offensive lineman.
"Nebraska is looking at me on offense and defense. It just depends on what they choose," Toran said. "Other schools are looking at me for offense - either center or guard - but the defensive side is not out of the question."
Toran wants to play the position that will most help out his future program, but he does admit defense is his favorite.
"I always liked defense for the fact you're hitting somebody and hurting them," Toran said. "Putting them through a little bit of pain just gives you a rush."
This spring Toran was able to take unofficial visits to Houston, TCU, Texas, and Texas A&M, and as summer approaches he plans to check out a few more options.
"Oklahoma wanted me to come out to their camp this summer," Toran said. "I'm supposed to go out to Oregon State and Oregon. I don't know if I'll be at the camp but so far that's about the only camp I've planned on going to."
He plans to announce his decision before the 2013 season begins and he will be graduating early to enroll at his school of choice. He still has some thinking to do before making that choice, but there is one program currently at the top of his list.
"My No. 1 school is TCU right now," Toran said. "I'm real big on education and you graduate 91-percent of your players and make sure they get their degree, and you're a private school so I'm going to get more hands on with the teachers than I would going to another school. Football, when I went there they said it was like a family so I sat down and talked to some of the players. It was just a nice trip all around. I liked everything about it."