Top safety ready to road trip

It is turning into quite a job for Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey five-star safety Stafon Johnson to narrow down his list and it's really no wonder considering he could build a small mountain with his offer letters.
Almost every school in the country has come across the country to make it known to the No. 1 rated safety that they would love to have him. With the ability to play defense and offense, the attention will unlikely cease until he makes his announcement.
"We're trying to get out for a weekend and see some schools," Johnson's father Stan Johnson said about his son's recruitment. "Basically we have it narrowed down to a list of top choices."

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"It's USC, Cal, LSU, Oklahoma, Florida, Miami, Washington, UCLA, and Tennessee is in there as well."
The trip the Johnson family is planning could take them to LSU and Florida. However, it's quite an expense to trip you and your son across the country. Time will tell when that will all happen.
One thing they will be looking for on upcoming visits is what kind of playing time is available.
"It's not a problem for him to sit because you can learn the system," Johnson said. "I don't want him to come in there and not play until he's a senior because certain schools don't start you if you're not a senior. I just want him to have a shot."
As for a decision, it's not set in stone when it will come but Johnson and his son are not ruling out a sporadic commitment either.
"Nothing will happen really soon the way it's looking," Johnson said. "After the trips you never know. I want him to play three or four games and watch the colleges play so that he can get overwhelmed by something he sees there or on campus."
"It could happen at anytime I guess, but I want him to make sure he knows what's right for him."
The 6-foot-1, 210-pound Johnson, rated as the No. 2 overall prospect in the state of California has quite the workout schedule. His motivation comes literally from home.
"I work him out myself," Johnson said about his son's routine. "On Mondays we go hard, go to the pool on Tuesday, and continue throughout the week. We had some injuries so I'm trying to keep him in shape but not so much with the team."