Top player in Texas thinking it over

Alief Elsik tight end Tony Hills Jr. has college coaches across the country drooling over his physical stature as well as the immediate effect that he could have in their program. While he has not piled up a great amount of statistics receiving the ball, the potential of what he could do in an offense that utilizes the tight end is absolutely sky high.
Hills said that he has not sat down to make a list of favorites and has no idea about which schools he will make official visits to. He is simply reading almost every piece of mail that gets in his mailbox and listening to the numerous coaches that call him to tell him about their program.

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“I want to be a weapon,” Hills said. “I’m looking for a school that can give me that opportunity.”
While he does not have a list of favorites, I asked him about the current list of schools that appear on his profile. The following are quotes from him when asked about each particular school.
Colorado: “G.B. (Gary Barnett). I’ve enjoyed talking to him. I like their offense. It’s based on the tight end.”
Florida: “I really like Coach Tolbert. Him and their tight ends coach.”
LSU: “I like them. I like the way that they play. They’re a hard-nosed team.”
Oklahoma: “They had the number one receiving tight end last year. I like what they do. It strikes my interest a lot.”
Tennessee: “I haven’t been able to watch them as much, but I like what they do stat wise.”
Texas: “Nice. I like them a lot. I like their offense and their aggressiveness.”
Texas Tech: “I really like their offense. It’s spread out five wide and it opens things up for their receivers. They’re one of the best passing teams.”
Hills has a plan as to how he is going to narrow down his list.
“I’ve asked them to send me stats and other stuff on their offenses so that I can see what all they have done to include their tight ends in their offense,” Hills said. “I want to be a weapon. I’ll sit down and decide which schools will give me that opportunity.”
Regardless of Hills’ plan, this is one that will come down to the sweet or bitter end; depending on which school you root for.