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Top player in Colorado picks

“I’ve got coach Stoops here on the other line,” said Aurora (Colo.) Gateway linebacker Zach Latimer. “I just gave him some good news.”
Good news like what?
“I’m a Sooner,” Latimer said. “I just committed to coach Stoops right now. He’s still on hold here. Hold on.”
Latimer clicked back over and came back with more news after finishing the call with Stoops.
“Coach Stoops started honking the horn in his car when I told him,” Latimer said. “He was just a little excited, but so am I. I actually told Bobby Jack Wright tonight when he was here, but I just made it official right now.”
So why did the five-star linebacker pick OU over Miami, Colorado and countless others?
“I just felt comfortable with them,” Latimer said. “It’s just the entire team. It’s everything. Oklahoma is the best fit for me, and I’ve made up my mind.”
Latimer said he’s going to call Miami in the morning that he’s made up his mind but word is sure to travel fast.
“I know it’s going to be tough to tell them,” Latimer said. “But I have to do what’s best for me.”