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Top Memphis LB talks SEC interest

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Memphis (Tenn.) Whitehaven linebacker Derrick Webb has been trying to prove that he is one of the best linebackers in the Southeast. On Saturday in Tuscaloosa, he took a step in the right direction. The 6-foot-1, 215-pounder put together a very strong performance and was one of the top linebackers at the event.
"My favorite part of the day had to be doing the blitzing drills," Webb said. "It got real physical but you got to show a little quickness and a little technique so that was probably my favorite part besides the one-on-one coverage because I did pretty well in that."
During the one-on-one pass drills, Webb was one of the standouts in his ability to read, react and run with the running backs down field. However, blitzing is what he really loves.
"I love to blitz," he said. "I love getting sacks and things like that so blitzing is always something I love to do. Also in coverage and everything I like to get picks. I like to be an exciting player. I like to make plays. So I always like to be in a position to make plays. Whatever it is, whether it's a sack or an interception, that's what I like to do."
Previously holding an offer from MTSU, Webb recently picked up his first SEC offer as well.
"Ole Miss offered last week," he said. "It was a verbal offer. They told my coach. They said they were offering a full scholarship and it was official and my coach told me the good news. I'm excited. It's my first SEC offer. That's where I want to play so I'm excited. Hopefully, I'll get more. I'm definitely looking into Ole Miss."
Ole Miss' SEC affiliation is the thing that is most attractive to Webb but several other SEC programs are going to be in the mix as well.
"Pretty much I feel that the SEC has the strongest conference in college football right now and that's what I want to play in," he said. "Other than Ole Miss, Vanderbilt is very interested as well as Arkansas.
"I'm trying to gain interest in Alabama. Their coach was at our school last week to speak with our coach and he didn't get a chance to see us on the field so I didn't like that a lot. So I hope I can gain their interest a little bit more so I'm gonna call they're coach and try to talk to him."
In the summer, Webb has some plans to hit a few SEC campuses and continue to talk to some programs. However there are two on top right now.
"I'm going to Ole Miss," he said. "There's a 7 on 7 tournament at Ole Miss as well. Right now it's definitely Ole Miss and I keep saying Arkansas because they just took one of our linebackers last year (Tenarius Wright)so they may want to come back to Whitehaven for another."