Top four for McCoy

SEFFNER, Fla. - Offensive tackle Kevin McCoy holds offers from Auburn, Central Florida, Eastern Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisville, South Florida, and Vanderbilt. The three-star offensive lineman from Seffner (Fla.) Armwood visited Vanderbilt and South Florida during the summer, while also camping with his team at UCF for the second consecutive summer. So far this season, the 6-foot-5, 275-pound blocker has yet to be on any college campuses.
"I haven't taken any trips but I do plan on scheduling some trips, probably towards the end of the season and afterwards," McCoy said. "I definitely want to go to Auburn, Vanderbilt again, and UCF. Those are pretty much my top, solid three. USF is also in the picture. Those are my top four, it is going to come down to those four."
The Sunshine State prospect went in-depth on his top four.

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Auburn: "They are the defending National Champions. Besides that, they have a great school and I have a chance to play there. They have a great football program. I believe I would get better as a player there."
Vanderbilt: "Vanderbilt was a newer school to me. Our quarterback last year, Joshua Grady, he graduated and went there. I was the first guy he started pressing on to go to Vanderbilt. They are in the SEC, a great academic school, and my chemistry with the coaches is perfect, I talk to Coach (James) Frankling, Coach (Herb) Hand and Coach (Chris) Beatty all the time. Besides that, Joshua Grady is a really good friend of mine, love the kid, and going to Vanderbilt he would be a familiar face. That would make me feel more comfortable knowing someone there. They aren't the best program in the SEC, but I do see them getting better and that is why they are a candidate."
UCF: "It is like a dream school of mine. I have always wanted to go to UCF. When they offered me, I was so ecstatic. The football program is really good, they won a bowl game last year and I think they won their conference last year also. Every year we go to their camp, so I have been there the last two years and gotten to work with Coach (Brent) Key. I have pretty much gotten to meet all of the coaches and seen the school. I actually want to visit there to get a better feel on the actual school."
USF: "USF is a building program. One thing I really always want is chemistry between a coach and Coach (Steve) Shankweiler is the offensive line coach there and he is a really cool guy. That was my first offer, so off the bat we started clicking since March. I really like his type of coaching - I have seen him coaching his players before and I really like the tactics and tools he uses. I also feel it is similar to here, how they use their offensive linemen, so I would be excited if I went there because I think it would be a smooth transition, a continuation, not a brand new world."
There is another reason why all four of those schools made the cut.
"I feel that at all four schools I have a really good shot of contributing early," McCoy said. "That is a big reason why all four of those schools are at the top."
At this stage, McCoy doesn't claim a leader and says his visits will be crucial in making a final determination.
"I am not really favoring a school because I don't know much about all of the schools, so I actually have to learn about the schools and get educated about the schools first to make a decision," McCoy said. "That is why I want to visit the schools because I actually want to know what they have in store besides what I actually know of them."
If tomorrow was National Signing Day, McCoy says it would likely come down to a tough choice between two.
"If I had to choose today, I would say that it would come down to probably Vanderbilt and UCF," McCoy said. "But luckily I don't have to choose today."