Top Florida LB still firm

Marvin Sapp, Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood’s standout inside linebacker, committed to Georgia Tech in September. He claims to be a firm pledge to the Jackets, though he will make one more visit.
“I’m a pretty solid commit to Georgia Tech, and I might go to a Tech game,” Sapp said. “I’m also going to take a visit in December to South Carolina. I haven’t scheduled it yet, but I’m planning on taking it. Still, I’ll only use South Carolina if it disproves some of my confirmations about Georgia Tech. The other schools that call me; Duke, Clemson and Syracuse, I’m not really considering them.”
Sapp got some help in his decision from some friends, and one at Georgia Tech had a particularly large impact.
“Jonathan Jackson [Georgia Tech senior fullback] is a friend on mine, and he helped me out a lot when I was there,” he said. “He told me where to go and what life would be like and thinks like that.”
With his commitment out of the way and visits put off until December, Sapp plans on focusing on the rest of his reason and keeping the momentum that Sandalwood has built throughout the season.
“We’ve just lost two games, and we have a playoff game against Edgewater coming up,” Sapp said. “I’ve been more specializes lately. I’ve been doing a lot of rushing the quarterback and spending less time in pass defense. I have a nose for the ball and I can find the shortest route there. I think that makes people around me play better.
“I’m also great laterally in pursuit. I have good vision reading backs and I can accelerate well in pursuit. The only place I think I could use to improve in is zone coverage, but I think I’m doing pretty well there.”