Top 2008 Jersey ATH favors Irish

2008 athlete Mike Kuhn helped lead Bridgewater (N.J.) Immaculata to a 12-0 season and championship recently. The 5-foot-10, 166-pounder was a big reason for the successful year.
"I've never been apart of such a close group of guys, that's what made this so special. Everyone on the team was family," he said. "I was out the first four games due to a broken small bone in my toe, but I really came back at the end of the season.
"I feel I fulfilled expectations especially in the last two games where I had 22 tackles. I finished the year with 45 tackles, two sacks, two touchdowns and one interception."
On the recruiting trail, Kuhn is picking up a fair amount of interest.
"I've consistently been receiving mail from a lot of schools across the country including Boston College, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia, Rutgers, Syracuse and more," he said. "This season I took two visits for games at Rutgers and Notre Dame. They both were great and they won when I was there."
Does the junior prospect have any favorites?
"I've got to admit Notre Dame had a different aroma than Rutgers," he said. "I really like Notre Dame and that's a school I've always dreamed of going to. I love the tradition and Charlie Weis. I know he grew up around here and really likes Jersey guys. I think I'm athletic enough, but we'll see if I get an offer."
Kuhn is looking for quite a few things out of whatever school he ends up at.
"I want to play somewhere that really wants me. They genuinely want me to be there," he said. "Aside from that, I want the atmosphere to be great, crazy and upbeat and obviously I don't want to lose. Location doesn't really matter. I'll go the farthest place away, it makes no difference to me."