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Top 10 junior reduces list

When Arthur Brown went through the recruiting process, he viewed things from a linebacker's perspective.
But when Bryce Brown, Arthur's five-star younger brother, goes through the process, he plans to view things through a running back's eyes. That's why his reduced list of 14 schools has some different schools that made the cut for his older brother.
"My brother played defense and looked at things from a linebacker's prospective," Bryce, who is 6-foot-0 and 212 pounds, said.
"But I'm looking at things from a running back's view. Some of the schools on my list are going to be different than the ones that Arthur looked at. I want to really find the right place that's going to allow me to be a success as a running back."
Brown's reduced list does have some common schools that made the final cut for his brother, though. Arthur committed to Miami after reducing his list to North Carolina, USC, Alabama, Kansas State and LSU.
The schools that made the cut for Bryce in the order mentioned were Oklahoma, Oregon, USC, Ohio State, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, Miami, North Carolina, Florida, LSU, Georgia, West Virginia and Clemson.
"Some of the schools I got to see this summer like Florida and Georgia," Brown said.
"I know that Oregon, Ohio State, West Virginia and Clemson weren't on my brother's list, but I like the running back productivity at those schools. Then there's schools like Ohio State, where Chris Wells is predicted to be leaving sometime soon, Oregon, where they just lost Jonathan Stewart, and Texas, where Jamaal Charles just left. I know Clemson has some backs that might be gone here soon."
It's clear that Brown has done his research on the schools that made the cut.
"I watch a lot of football," Brown said. "These schools really stood out to me, and I think I could be good fits there."
Brown said he hopes now to go into the summer before he makes and further reductions in his list. Just like last summer with his brother, he hopes to take a summer unofficial tour throughout the country.