Tons of interest finding Holland

Since starting as a sophomore, a lot of talk has surrounded wide receiver Roger Holland from Houston (Texas) Cy Falls. The 5-foot-11, 178-pound speedster has cooked up quite a bit of college recruiting interest so far.
It was his first game that Holland remembers as one of his best. He calls that his best effort yet and what has put him on the map as a prospect to watch for 2007.
"That was probably my best game that I've ever had at the varsity level," Holland said. "I had two touchdowns and caught about 160 yards worth that game. I think that was when I saw how much my speed helped me. I also began to really figure out how to set up the cornerbacks."
The mail has certainly picked up as Holland explained he is "receiving mail from about 40 schools as of now."
"Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas Tech, LSU, Arkansas, and some others stick out to me right now," Holland said. "I don't have any offers yet, but it's a ton of mail. I kind of know a few schools that should be offering soon, but I don't want to jump the gun and say anything just yet."
Holland said that no matter who offers, he's going into recruiting with an open mind and no favorites as of the present time. The two-time all-district selection has seen quite a few coaches come by the school.
"I know Charlie Weis has been by, some coaches for A&M were by, LSU came by as well," Holland said. "Pretty much all of the schools that are recruiting me have sent coaches down here."
Recently, his teammate Derrick Stephens made a very early commitment to Texas A&M. The thought of playing together has Holland intrigued.
"Oh, I've thought about it," Holland said. "We've talked about it from time to time. Hopefully things could work out like that and that would be cool to go to college with a friend that you already know."
Holland says that he has not yet finalized his junior day or camp schedules but plans on taking in as many as he can. LSU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, SMU, and Duke have all sent junior day invitations.