Tolliver adds third offer

The third scholarship offer appears to be on the way for Rivals100 receiver Chris Tolliver.
After receiving his first two offers from SEC schools, it appears the Big 12 is now getting involved. Tolliver says he spoke with Nebraska coach Randy Jordan this week and found out that his third offer is heading his way. At the same time, Tolliver continues to hear from other SEC schools about their interest as well.
"Nebraska, I talked with coach Jordan, and they said they're going to offer me a scholarship," Tolliver said. "He just said he thinks I can fit in at their school and he liked my highlight tape."
Though the Big 12 offer may be the first of many, it appears that he's looking to stay close to home. Tolliver says he's open to every school but also added he'd like to stay either in-state or in the SEC conference.
"If I do leave Louisiana, I want to stay in the SEC," he said. "But, like I said, I'm looking at every school right now. There aren't any favorites. I'm open to everybody."
Tolliver says that more SEC offers could be close. Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas are upcoming unofficial visits that he'd like to take, but he hasn't set up any dates. He'll be talking with his coach on when he might venture out to those campuses.
He says he had a chance to talk with Alabama coach Nick Saban.
"He just said I was a great player and everything," Tolliver said about Saban. "He wanted to get to know me better too. I haven't talked to my coach about visits, but I'm sure I'll be getting out to see some soon. I wanted to visit Florida. That seems like it would be a great visit.
"I'll probably go see Alabama and Arkansas some time too."